Current Holdings :
464,288 protein chains from Protein Data Bank
Last Update : July 11 2020 03:26:46.

Version of SCOP :
1.75 release
(June 2009)

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Protein Data Bank (PDB)
Structure Classification of Proteins (SCOP)

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  • Global Protein Structure Comparisons:
  • Global protein structure comparison is the first real-time search engine for retrieving similar protein tertiary structures in Protein Data Bank (PDB). This system provides two types of query method: query by PDB protein chain ID and by 3D coordinates of newly-discovered proteins in PDB format. With computational techniques, similar protein structures with ranked order will be returned to users in seconds. Our database proteins are weekly updated to be consistent with PDB database.
    Reference: The Algorithm of ProteinDBS
  • Local Protein Substructure Comparisons:
  • Local protein substructure comparison (i.e., Index-based Protein Substructure Alingment, IPSA) is designed for efficient and accurate protein substructure alignment and retrieval. It allows user to upload protein structure files and then performs one-against-all substructure comparison with database proteins on the server. IPSA can show the results of (1) the best match of substructure from top 10 SCOP folds and (2)substructures of top 100 matches.
    Reference: The Algorithm of IPSA

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